Melbourne fire equipment testing and inspection team follows Senate hearing

The fire equipment testing and inspection team at Melbourne Fire and Maintenance has followed closely this month’s Senate hearing into non-conforming building products and the threat those products present to building occupants.

The Senate hearing comes in the wake of last month’s devastating Grenfell Tower fire in London in which flammable exterior cladding on the tower contributed to the blaze and the deaths of at least 79 people.

Metropolitan Fire & Emergency Services Board acting deputy chief Adam Dalrymple and Fire Protection Association Australia CEO Scott Williams both presented to the Senate hearing and delivered similar messages.

In summary, their message was that the job of fire equipment testing, inspection and compliance must be performed and overseen by qualified and competent professionals.

Mr Williams told the hearing it was important cladding and other building products met safety standards, but it was equally important the people installing those products were accredited professionals. As well, it was important the people overseeing the installers had the authority and determination to ensure strict adherence to standards and regulations.

Mr Dalrymple said the fire and emergency services board was so distrustful of some compliance processes that it had started its own compliance checks.

Melbourne Fire and Maintenance strongly supports Mr Dalrymple and Mr Williams in their stand for improved fire testing, inspection and compliance across Australia.

Our Melbourne fire equipment testing and inspection team fully understands and appreciates the need for strict safety standards and procedures and receives ongoing education, training and testing to ensure adherence to fire safety standards, rules and regulations.

The Grenfell Tower tragedy could easily have occurred in Australia. We know from our observations and experience there are buildings in Melbourne and other cities which are fire hazards because they’ve been inspected and certified by organisations lacking our strict adherence to certification requirements and standards.

Hopefully the Senate inquiry will pay heed to experts such as Mr Dalrymple and Mr Williams and take appropriate steps to ensure Australia implements and vigorously enforces laws which help prevent fires such as the Grenfell Tower blaze.

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July 21, 2017