Eliminating the worries associated with fire prevention

By making your critical fire prevention our number one priority, we eliminate your need to worry. Our company is a 24-hour essential services business that specialises in the maintenance of critical fire prevention, warning, suppression and protection systems. Located at inner-city Yarraville, for almost 20 years our company has maintained fire protection assets for optimum performance in over 1,000 buildings across Melbourne. We take care of fire protection equipment and systems in low and high density residential apartments, shopping centres, schools, commercial and industrial buildings encompassing private, corporate and government sectors.

On behalf of our customers, we undertake routine and complex maintenance on over 20,000 individual fire prevention assets to safeguard compliance with Building Codes of Australia (BCA) and AS1851 Standards. We inspect, test, repair and install fire protection equipment and systems including fire alarms, fire panels, fire sprinklers, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, exit lighting, smoke detectors and more. As a member of the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia), we adhere to strict industry Codes of Professional Conduct. We hold $10 million in Public and Product Liability insurance as well as Professional Indemnity insurance. Licences include an open cabling licence for telecommunications and Registered Electrical Contractor licence with Energy Safe Victoria.

We take fire protection seriously and guarantee fire prevention assets under our control are always ready for emergency use, eliminating the worries associated with fire prevention and giving building occupants’ confidence that a duty of care is conscientiously exercised over their safety.

Making your fire protection our number one priority

Privately-owned by J.P. Cellier, we take pride in our work and have built a reputation in the fire protection industry for providing our customers with unfaltering, reliable support. We are strongly committed to our values of technical proficiency and personalised customer service, and harness leading edge reporting technology to deliver exacting and timely maintenance of fire protection assets under our care.

Just a phone call away, we are equipped to respond to many scenarios – whether a fire panel alarm is signalling a confounding fault, building alterations are causing concern, or fire protection assets have been fully activated in the event of fire.  Our friendly and diverse team of highly experienced fire technicians, electricians and engineers are certified, licensed and qualified in fire system installation and maintenance. Ongoing Continued Professional Development (CPD) training ensures our team’s skills and knowledge span the latest product developments, compliance requirements and standards including ‘Inspect and Test’ classes of Routine Level and Complex Level maintenance accreditation.

Consequently, we are well prepared to meet a wide range of customers’ fire prevention requirements as they arise with the right skillset to get the job done. Our reliable, efficient and well documented service with high attention to detail minimises the time our customers need to spend on fire protection compliance matters. We offer peace of mind that building occupants are safe and obligations have been successfully met through Essential Safety Measures (ESM).

For more information consult us on 1300 001 004 or email.