Fire protection electrical systems that respond when it really counts

The last thing anyone wants is an electrical device to malfunction when lives are at stake. Melbourne Fire and Maintenance provides a complete range of fire protection electrical services, and general electrical services to ensure your fire prevention assets respond correctly if a fire occurs.

Our highly experienced Class A electricians, licensed by Energy Safe Victoria and certified in Electrical Fire Protection Control Systems, can install, upgrade, fault-find and repair fire protection and general electrical equipment to ensure reliable performance. Our electrical services include:

  • Positioning and terminating fire detection and warning system equipment, lighting or other equipment
  • Validating compliance and capacity of installations
  • Verifying mains-supply electricity and back-up power sources in the event of a power failure
  • Installing electro-technology components and wiring
  • Identifying and repairing faults
  • Maintaining detailed documentation and log books
  • Providing operational training to relevant personnel

Solving electrical problems with fire control panel systems

The sensitive nature of fire protection equipment and systems means we encounter diverse problems that can occasionally arise with an array of devices and fire control panels that can involve wiring, circuits, fuses, indicators, programming, connections, telecommunications Code Red Alarm Signalling Equipment (ASE) or power supplies.

Fire control panels often encompass zones, various initiating devices (manual alarms or automatic detectors), notification devices, display annunciator and relay module to activate suppression systems (e.g. fire sprinklers), fire doors, emergency and exit lighting, and building safety interfaces. Not only is it critical that your fire protection equipment responds in an emergency, but in sequence and on back-up power supply while accurately displaying system status to put you in control.

For an electrical inspection or upgrade, call us for a no-obligation site visit on 1300 001 004 or email.