Fire equipment and system maintenance reporting made easy

In accordance with Building Codes of Australia (BCA) regulations, building owners are required by law to maintain log books, records and prepare an annual report detailing Essential Safety Measures (ESM) consistent with the Occupancy Permit.

Maintenance schedules for different aspects of fire protection equipment can vary greatly from weekly to monthly, three or six monthly, annually or less often depending upon the applicable regulations and standards.

To streamline this process and make it easy for our customers to access accurate, up-to-the-minute reports, Melbourne Fire and Maintenance based in Yarraville has implemented aBAS field servicing technology with reporting for fire protection asset maintenance, service calls, defects, repairs and quotes.

Equipped with iPads, our expert and highly mobile team can provide reports upon job completion giving our customers prompt, online access to easy-to-read reports. We report on over 20,000 individual fire protection assets that our customers trust us to maintain and service.

We also ensure that your fire protection equipment log books are correctly maintained, up to date and situated on location with relevant information.

  • Record reference
  • Site identification, address, property owner or agent
  • Date of maintenance/inspection
  • System or equipment identification and location
  • Frequency of maintenance activity undertaken
  • Defects identified
  • Service person, signature, completion date

Not only do we guarantee fire prevention systems under our control are always ready for emergency fire prevention and protection, but also comprehensive records and reports are up to date, compliant and easy for you to access.

Consult our friendly team for more information on 1300 001 004 or email.