Fire system installation services you can rely on

Melbourne Fire and Maintenance supplies and installs an extensive range of quality fire equipment and systems, and we guarantee the quality of our work. Whether an upgrade or replacement is required due to building changes, a fault, mishap or age, our highly experienced team of fire protection technicians, electricians and engineers can take care of your fire equipment supply and installation requirements.

  • Fire alarms and smoke alarms
  • Fire panels and systems
  • Thermal detectors
  • Fire doors and smoke doors
  • Emergency lighting and exit lighting
  • Fire sprinklers, pumps and sump pumps
  • Fire hoses, hose reels and cabinets
  • Fire extinguishers and fire blankets

Fit-for-purpose fire extinguisher installation

As fire extinguisher suppliers, we regularly perform fire extinguisher installation requiring verification that location and signage meet Australian Standards, and the type of fire extinguisher is matched to potential fire application.

It can be ineffective and therefore potentially dangerous to use the wrong the type of fire extinguisher on a fire.  The Australian Standards (AS2444) outlines the types of fire extinguishers that can be used on different classes of fire. Our ‘Quick Guide’ below shows the best types of fire extinguishers to use according to AS2444. For a complete FPA guide, download the broader details here.



Fire Type

Portable Fire Extinguisher Type

A Wood, paper, plastics etc. Water, Foam, Wet chemical, Powder (ABE), Vaporising liquid
B Flammable liquids Foam, Powder
C Flammable gases Powder
D Metal fires Use special purpose fire extinguishers only
E Energised electrical equip. Carbon dioxide, Vaporising liquid, Powder
F Cooking oils & fats Wet chemical, Powder (BE) or Fire Blanket

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