Fire equipment testing to ensure your fire system is ready for emergency use

Fire equipment testing and inspection is a necessity for any building owner or manager to keep their occupants and buildings safe. Melbourne Fire and Maintenance based in Yarraville, performs thorough fire equipment testing and inspections according to Australian Standards AS1851-2012 to certify that assets are ready for use in the event of fire.

  • Fire alarm testing
  • Smoke detector testing
  • Fire extinguisher testing
  • Fire hose testing
  • Fire Indication Panel (FIP) testing
  • Fire sprinkler testing
  • Evacuation system testing
  • Emergency and exit lighting and system testing
  • Diesel and electric sprinkler pump testing
  • Fault finding – electrical systems and fire systems

Inspection frequencies for fire equipment testing vary greatly from weekly up to annually or longer. Our fire system testing services ensure every asset is thoroughly tested, results are accurately recorded in log books as required, and defects are reported.

Testing fire suppression sprinkler systems for reliable performance

Fire sprinklers are fundamental to fire suppression. As with all fire protection assets, the only way to ensure sprinkler systems perform reliably is through regular inspection and testing according to AS1851 routines and frequencies.

We inspect and test many sprinkler systems across Melbourne including wet, dry and pre-action and deluge systems which generally involves heat or smoke activated sprinkler heads, system control valves, pipes, water pumps, water pressure, electric or diesel pump engines and water supply.

Fire sprinklers are also interconnected with your fire protection system and act as a critical initiating device for alarms, fire brigade notification and often closure of fire and smoke doors, activation of emergency and exit lighting, and equipment shut-down.

Sprinkler and alarm testing should be performed simultaneously. We guarantee your fire protection equipment and critical system interfaces responsible for the safety of lives and assets, are both reliable and ready for emergency use.

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